JuiceHQ - Our mission is good nutrition


Hi, I’m Katie founder and owner of Juice HQ, artisan makers of the highest quality cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices and detox & cleanse programmes, which are delivered to your doorstep between 3am & 8am in reusable glass bottles and cooler bags. Think of us like the modern day milkman, but for juice!


Everything in our business is carried out by us! From selecting the finest produce at market, to creating juice recipes, preparing and pressing the produce, bottling the juice and finally delivering the goodness to your doorstep. We even feed cattle on surrounding farms with the pulp that is left over from our juicing process. We are a fully sustainable business, with absolutely nothing going to waste!

 So what exactly is cold press juice and why should we be juice cleansing?

Cold press juice describes the juicing process. Our machines do not use any heat and we gently press the fruits and vegetables instead of grinding or whizzing. When heat hits fruits and vegetables it destroys many of the vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes, by cold pressing we are able to keep these nutrients in tact, resulting in a highly nutrient-dense, more vibrant, fuller flavour juice, with healing properties. The pressing process takes much more time than conventional home juicing but is so worth it to get the high quality juice that we produce.

Some cold press juices you may see on the supermarket shelves have a process added known as HPP, this heat treatment gives the juice a shelf life of up to 70 days. We don’t HPP our juices, we believe this destroys so much of the goodness, we are proud of our 4/5 day shelf life, its just as Mother Nature intended.

We have seen so much success from our carefully planned detox & cleanse packages. We have quite a selection, from full cleanses (no food to be consumed) to our mini cleanses which are designed to enjoy juicing all day followed by a small evening meal or our incoming bone broths (watch this space)!


Juice cleansing has never been so important as it is now. The main function of a Juice HQ detox & cleanse program is to encourage the removal of toxic build-up stored in our bodies for the modern day living. We want to bring you back to feeling the best you’ve ever felt.

Toxic build up is often due to long-term exposure to chemicals and pesticides in the environment and in the food we eat. This can result in our bodies failing to absorb or efficiently use the nutrients we need to keep well and thrive! This in when inflammation can become a problem and our immune system weakens. By cleansing we are effectively flooding the body with high quality clean nutrients that can reverse the impact of toxic build up and help you get back to feeling lighter and brighter.

Head over to our www.juicehq.co.uk to see how we could help you or follow our journey down at the farm via Facebook: Juice HQ / Instagram: @_juicehq

We are there to support you every step of the way.

Our mission is good nutrition

Love Katie x