The Green Room - Issue 1 - Welcome to The Green House

Why The Green Room?

On thinking on what to call this blog we all stood in the green room at the back of the shop as per usual gassing over a cuppa and a cupcake from the @hungrytribe.  We discounted a few good ideas and laughed at some terrible ones!  (The Greenhouse Crack! LOL) When it struck, The Green Room, it is where all of the action happens in the shop and has become a retreat of sorts from the daily hubbub.

When I first took the space on Crown Street, formerly Love Lane. My green room had some crazy deep pile, purple carpet and and white glittery wallpaper-not me!  The first thing I did when I got the key was to rip up the carpet and paint over the wallpaper.  I sat there on the very gluey concrete floor so excited about my next steps. First job was to get a chair! 

 The cozy brown chair

I went to my first port of call ‘Facebook Marketplace’ and after a few seconds I found this brown leather arm chair – so I bought it for my house, continued the search and ended up finding some used hardwood flooring instead – the perfect amount for the shop, which after a day of trying to get the glue off of the concrete floor the hardwood was the perfect alternative. 

The next day I collected the floor and the chair and went to the shop, and the chair moved straight in, always with the intention of taking it home once the shop was sorted.

This chair has seen so much in the last 9 months, a few tears and lots of laughs. I look back and one of my favourite days has been when a mum came in with her 4 month old baby and 2 year old son, she was so flustered and almost in tears.  She had just been ‘pushed’ out of another shop and needed to feed her baby. I was like "chair and tea", set the little boy up with some highlighters and some paper. As I watched her cosy up and relax that was it,the chair had to stay. For me that what I wanted the space to be, a place for women to connect and support each other, for a community to form. 

For the love of The Greenhouse

There was so much I wanted to put in this first blog, how I knew this was the shop for me, all about how I endeavoured and succeded to use only preloved and upcycled items to create this perfect shop and all about the amazing workshops we host.   But as I write this and look back at some of my old instagram posts for inspiration, I realise I am so grateful and appreciative to have made this into the place what I had dreamed it would be.  This little green room really is "a place for the soul".

 @thegreenhousebrentwood - Created 11th January 2020

“What a week!!! 🌿🌻 I have met beautiful people this week, it’s cheesy but it’s the only way to describe these people that have THOUSANDS of followers and don’t know me but have invested their own time to visit me and shout about my little business (that isn’t even open yet!!) 🤯🤯

Sharing advice and finding ways that we can spread that good vibe to all of Brentwood and beyond!! Yes, The GreenHouse will be a shop but it’s also going to be so so much more than that, a hub, a community, a happy place, a place to share ideas, learn from and help each other, a place that when you’re having a bad day you come here to talk or to be silent, a place without judgment, a place for the soul 🌿

Thanks for all the love and follows, I hope to do you all proud 🤞 .”

I cant wait to bring you more of these, filled with guest bloggers, indoor and outdoor gardening dos and donts, recipies, meditations and all things the good life! So stay tuned!! 

All my love ,