The Green Room - Issue 2 - Workshops

I love a good workshop, learning a new skill, meeting new people & a couple of hours of screen free time, whats not to love??  Anytime I searched there was nothing outside the London area, which meant trying to convince one of the girls to come with to make the train journey bareable.  Then it hit me I have a space, and this is my way of bringing female, small creatives, who aren’t big enough to be on the high street to our high street.

Most of the people coming to these workshops are women and they want to learn something new but often at the start of every workshop I hear  ‘I can’t do this I won’t be able to do this’ and the usual self-deprecating jokes that we can’t help to make.  By the end, it is a different story, everyone is complementing each other on their work and the pride radiates out of them.  As adults we don’t try new skills and that breads lack of confidence and it is so wonderful to see people leave with a spring in their step and empowered that they can create new and beautiful things.

By coming to a workshop at The Greenhouse you will absolutely be supporting two local independent businesses, but there is also an amazing opportunity for you to be inspired, create, meet with other local women, relax and be part of a mindful process and most importantly the screen detox!

There are a range of workshops and all fabulous!  Calligraphy, Macramé, Meditation, Candle Making, Terrarium Building.

You can book individual places onto a ‘socially distanced’ course or contact me about a private booking with your lock down bubble, hen party or office for some team bonding.  We even recently hosted the most gorgeous couple for their cotton wedding anniversary.

If you would like to add food or other elements to your workshop to make it more bespoke, we can do it.  Just drop me an email and I will get to work making your workshop the best local experience yet.

The above picture was taken by a lovely girly called Chloe who attend the Terrarium Workshopand wrote a blog, give it a read here.


Annie x