Thermals for your flora

Now I am no fan of cold weather, I love the warmth of sun and long light days, but saying that I do love a cosy jumper and a roaring fire. 
How you look after your plants in winter isn’t too dissimilar to the warmer months, but it is important you get it right if you want to be getting ready to repot in the spring.
During the cooler months the temperature in your home fluctuates to a greater degree, it can be as low as 9⁰ during the night and surpass 25⁰ in the daytime depending on which member of the household is controlling the thermostat! 

Make sure you change up your watering schedule, the air in winter is so much dryer but you still need to water less, for plants such as ferns, ivys and monsteras watering every two to three weeks with a weekly mist is plenty and you should make sure you are reviewing the soil before each water. Stick your finger in the soil a couple of inches and if it is still damp give it a few more days. If you can fill your watering can up a day before watering, this will give it a chance to warm up to room temperature and will allow some of the things you plants don’t like to be released into the air before watering. And don’t forget your cacti does not need to be watered unless it is a Christmas Cacti!

Because the air is dryer in the winter and we are heating the house you need to make sure you are keeping your humidity levels up. Try grouping your plants together and get that humidifier on.  If you don’t have a humidifier, grab a tray, pop some pebbles in and mist it so there is a small amount of water – just keep doing this and it should help. Most of us are working from home now so for your own care as well as your plants spend 5 mins a few times a day misting your plants.

Move your plants to a brighter spot, the days are darker and shorter and plants like light! Don’t forget to turn them otherwise you will end up with a plant that on the wonk.

Let them hibernate, no food, no repotting and absolutely no cuttings. Just give them a break they had a hard-long summer growing!

I will keep sending tips on how to look after you plants but feel free to send me requests on planty topics you would like me to cover: