Three to Start

Loads of people come into the shop and say things like..."I want plants in my house, but I always kill them" or "I want to get my big girl a plant for her room at uni, but I think it will be neglected".  So here are my top five plants for all you guys starting out, 

They are robust and can take a bit of neglect or too much love!

No.1 - Aspidistra elatior aspidistra or Cast Iron Plant

As its name suggest, this is one of the most robust plants out there, so if you are the kind of  person that will leave your plants for a couple of weeks at a time because you need to get your 5 holidays a year in, this baby is for you.

The Victorians loved it because of its tall beautifully sexy leaves and its ability to fill a corner beautifully.


No.2 - Sansevieria or MLT, Mother in Laws Tongue, Snake Plant

One of my customers (She makes me die with her truth) says "any plant that comes to a point has 'In Law' in the name"...I won't tell you the rest! LOL

These plants are awesome, they come in lots of beautiful varieties, tall and slim leaves, short and fat, silver and green as above, green on green with a yellow edge the list goes on.  They are great for bedrooms as they absorb lots of Co2 and pump out lots of O2 at night.

You shouldn't need to do anything much with these statement plants and as they originate from Africa can withstand a drought and very occaisional water and love a bit of direct sun.


No.3 - Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily


The Peace Lily, another stately home favourite. I can imagine this being quite happy on a high top table in the library at Downton Abbey.

It looks awesome with or without it's sleek white flowers.  The leaves are quick to let you know if it needs a water by dropping and recovers within a day.  

As the plants name suggests, these majestic plants are meant to symbolise calm, tranquillity and purification.


Good luck and just shout if you need any help.